Lead Generation: Think Differently For More Leads

Lead generationAre your lead generation efforts lacking? Are you not sure why you don’t get as many leads as you should?

You might be doing the same things again and over again. If these strategies don’t pan out, you need change your views and try something different.

For example, are you not getting the sales and clicks from your email marketing or your on page time for your blog posts are low, change things up. This means thinking differently about your marketing and finding different ways to generate more leads and convert them into sales.

Try some direct mail – In today’s online world, not too many marketers use or even think about direct mail. It’s usually a multitude of online areas, but using this avenue can bring big results. Since email and other online messaging can get caught in a busy decision maker’s spam box, direct mail has a more direct approach – offline. In fact, many B2B marketers still use direct mail as a main lead generation source for their business.

Don’t forget calls to action – Many marketers organize their blogging well; send out emails and occasionally use landing page, but don’t include a call-to-action in their messaging. Sure, some might, but it could be a weak one or they may use passive words for lead generation.

Instead, use active messaging words and tell them what they should do. Get them to do it and you’ll see more conversions from all your marketing efforts.

Use social media – Social media isn’t just about selfies and hashtags, you can really boost your lead generation efforts with the right social strategy. Sure, it may take more time than other marketing tactics, but the payoff can be huge. Not to mention, social can help with brand awareness and other important marketing objectives.

A few ways to use social media for lead generation could include:

  • • Link to landing pages
  • • Use social media WITH your marketing – not in place of it
  • • Put calls to action in your social profiles
  • • Focus only on where your audience is; don’t get on every social network out there

Offer your audience incentives – Another great way to improve your lead generation and conversions are offer up some incentives. Many look for the deal and their motivation peaks with something that saves them money. To make this work, try different types, including time sensitive offers to instill a sense of urgency to act.

Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts

Generating leads from your marketing efforts don’t always need to come from the same ideas. Mix things up and try some old or new or different options to boost lead generation and your bottom-line.

If you’re looking for a primer for generating more leads and closing more sales, grab your free lead generation with content marketing checklist:

Grab Your Lead Generation Checklist

How to Boost Your Email Marketing with Triggered Messages

Email MarketingThere’s more to email marketing than sending out blanket broadcasts and sales letters. What? No? Sure, have you ever tried triggered event emails?

In these messages, you use timing and clever copy to attract and convert someone based on some sort of criteria.

You could have received one from an online shopping site or even your favorite restaurant. Then, you might get a reward from a free meal or discount on your next item. It’s great for you, as the reader, but for the marketer, they benefit with higher conversions and possible repeat business and brand ambassadors.

Let me tell you about a few of the possible trigger events you can use to give your email marketing a serious boost.

Boost Your Email Marketing with Triggered Events

What they did and Other Behaviors

One day I was going through Amazon and happen to click on exercise equipment; more specifically: dip stands. Then, I click on books from Chris Powell about carb cycling and went through some martial arts equipment. Wouldn’t you say those are some different types of searches and interests?

Later, I get a triggered email from Amazon with recommendations on movies, starring really fit guys; more exercise equipment; books and videos on carb cycling and martial arts fitness routines. It also recommended other stories about martial arts and weight loss journeys. Based on those recommendations, I bought a few things.

You see how this can boost your email marketing results? I opened, clicked and bought. I even bought other things from emails sent from Amazon with similar recommendations.

Did You Forget Something?

Giving out recommendations isn’t the only you will see results – try to help those who are forgetful. Yes, for those ultra-busy people, there is an email marketing angle, too.

So, I am using Amazon again in this example. One day, I put a few things in my online cart, but didn’t click on buy and had to leave. Sure, I thought nothing of it, but to a savvy marketer, this is a prime opportunity. Send out an email telling me this:

“Did you forget something? We saw you were shopping; added a few things to your cart, but didn’t check out. We saved them for you here and you can buy them now, with just a click.“

Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to use email marketing triggers to get a sale?

Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Oh boy, missed anniversaries or birthdays are a pain. Buttttt sometimes I get an email from, say Amazon, telling me my birthday or anniversary is upcoming and as a special gift, I get a discount or some other special offer. Can I tell you how special that makes me feel that they’re thinking of me? Not really, but it’s a nice thought.

For those looking to boost their email marketing with triggered emails, this is a big one. After all, don’t just gather and give out discounts and offers on random days – give them a memorable experience. That way, they will remember you when they need to shop and take advantage of your offer to them. That gives you a sale and possibly, a brand ambassador.
Also, add some humor into your copy and spice things up. I got one the other day telling me I’m not over the hill and don’t look a day over 25!

THAT is gold!

Use Triggered Email for Increased Email Marketing ROI

If you’re looking for more brand ambassadors, higher conversions now and in the future, consider using inventive triggered emails, along with attractive landing pages, in your marketing mix.

I mean, look at the examples I gave here. Like I said, some of the emails made a repeat customer out of me. It’s all in the timing and what’s in your copy.

Do you use triggered events in your email marketing? How has it worked for your overall conversions and marketing ROI?

5 Landing Page Analysis Ideas to Improve Conversions

Do you know Landing Page Analysishow to go about finding out why your landing pages don’t convert? Do you look at analytics and what data do you collect?

Although simple to many, the analysis process is far from simple. The collection and analysis must follow some guidelines to know what’s happening and improving conversions.

If you don’t focus as much effort on your landing page analysis, try these ideas to get you thinking of what you should do for next time.

Landing Page Analysis is Critical

1. Grab lots of data– As you go through and gather landing page test data, check to make sure you get enough data. In fact, grab extra data to make sure you have plenty to analyze. That means don’t just scoop a few minutes of time, grab A LOT and see what happens. After all, you can never have too much data, right?

2. Wait and give it some time – Landing page testing gives you want, as far as analytics, but if it hasn’t had enough time, you only get a smidge of data. Just like I said above, grab lots of data, but you can’t do that without giving your landing page data to “cook.” Just like great food, sometimes you need to wait.

3. Don’t forget goals– So, you go and pull all kinds of landing page stats, but what does it mean for your business? Did the email marketing campaign tie into your overall marketing? If you don’t have business goals to tie into your analytics, you won’t know how your conversions help everyone.

That means you need to first determine what you’re trying to do overall, then, with the landing page data and how it impacts your marketing plan, overall.

4. Take out the noise – As you go through your data, think quality and not quantity. Sure, most data is never 100% clean, but tidy it up the best you can and work with that – not with “dirty data.” Then, see how your landing page analytics work and what you need to do to improve lead generation.

5. Right time, not real-time – As much time as it takes to gather the data, remember to find the right times throughout your data – not real-time data. As I mentioned earlier, focus on goals to tie into your data. If your real-time landing page data doesn’t talk about those goals, wait and grab the “right time” data.

Pay More Attention to Landing Page Analysis

Just peeking at your analytics for 5 minutes won’t give you the answer to your conversion problem. It takes time and with the ideas I’ve provided, you have more to compare and tie back to your business goals. Yes, make sure those goals are in any analysis you do!

What’s your landing page testing analysis process? Do you know how to tie it into your business goals?

Photo credit: Iman Mosaad

Do You Need to Boost Your Marketing Efforts?

help“I can do that all by myself.”

“I don’t need any help!”

These are all things I said when I first got into this business. I thought I could do it all and if I needed any help, Google was my friend.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Then, just like in life, especially growing up, I knew I couldn’t do it all on my own…as much as I wanted to. I needed help and Google wasn’t always the friend that gave me the RIGHT answer. Not all the time, anyway!

That’s when I sought out those who already had the experience and knowledge I didn’t. Then, I took what they gave me and used it to build things out for success.

Now, content marketing isn’t the only area people need help. It can range from losing weight (which I actually know a bit about now, too) to how cook a gourmet meal. It all takes practice, yes, but sooner or later, you might ask a friend, parent, coworker or other that has more experience and knowledge on the subject.

I know; you can see these people are “coaches,” right?

True, but some don’t see it that way – they just see it as getting to know what your problem is and helping you solve it.

That’s what I think, too.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying coaches are bad or anything. I have a few coaches who helped me in different parts of my life.

That’s why I thought about how could I help more people out, outside of my digital marketing services. Sure, I do something similar to this in my packaged plans, but not JUST this.

That’s when I got the idea to offer it as a separate service to give others some help, without having to buy the entire enchilada upfront.

I mean, really, would you want to buy a whole strategy, copywriting, blogging and whatever else package, just to get some help talking through your problem and finding out what you ACTUALLY need?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, here it is. I’ve decided to call these sessions “marketing talks.” It’s a way for me talk to you, one-on-one, talk about your business problems and come up with the steps you need to solve them. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to find out more about these sessions, just click the link below and I’ll give you all the info and a way you can book your session right away.http://www.georgepasswater.com/marketing-talks-coaching


Image credit: marc falardeau

Successful Content Marketing Needs a Plan

Content marketing is powerful. It works, if you do it right.Editorial Calendar

When I consult with new prospects, many just think blogging is just writing about anything that pops into your mind. Not only that, they think you can come up with your topics and write it in a matter of minutes.

Hold on there, Tex!

Sure, you can put up a blog post quick, but will it do what you expect out of it? Ah, that’s the question.

You see, to make content marketing work and bring in qualified leads to your business, you must plan ahead.

Plan ahead, you say? That’s a revelation for many…especially those who think this “blogging” or “online marketing” thing is something anyone can do. I mean it’s just writing a blog post; post a tweet or Facebook status and the leads just pour in, right?


If you believe that, I have some waterfront property to sell you!

So, speaking of planning ahead, how far ahead do you plan out your blog posts? Do you know what audience your posts target? Will you use it to add to a white paper or maybe a new training class?

If you don’t know, let me introduce you to what’s called the editorial calendar. It’s nothing new. Newspapers and the like have used them for many years, but for blogging they are equally important.

Don’t know how to create one or the one you’re using now isn’t working out? No worries. I’ve created a template of the same one I use for myself and for other work, such as clients projects.To get it, just click on the following link:


Then, you will get the resource you need for planning out that blog content and using it as part of your overall content marketing plan to bring in more leads and convert them into sales.