Success in the New Year: Plan Out Your Change Or Don’t Get Off the Couch


Set Goals For Better Business ChangeWe’re entering a New Year and most of what you hear is about is…change.

People always make resolutions to do things different in their personal and professional lives. Some want to lose weight, get a better job or even start dating – whatever floats your boat.

Now of those who say they’re going to change, more than half will lose steam and quit before three months is up.


Is it because they don’t have the determination? They don’t have the time or energy? Sometimes these are factors of them throwing in the towel, but I see a larger reason.

They don’t’ sit down and plan with the right goals for the year.

Sure, you can SAY anything you want, but there’s a saying:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I am a firm believer in this and yes, I also am looking to make changes this year, but I’m defining my goals and I’m going to accomplish them for the year – in both my personal and professional life. At least from my own experience, not planning and putting things down (on paper, computer, whatever), puts in the negative from the very start.

For instance, you want to build a better business?

How do you go about doing that? Put together the strategy, tactics and timelines on what and how you’re going to accomplish that.

You want to post more content to your blog, newsletter and social networks?

Start working out an editorial calendar for each area and stick to it!

Once you get things put together, you have a framework to work from and starting making…change.

What are you planning for the year? How are you going to make it happen?

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