An Email Marketing Horror Story to Learn From

Email marketing storyOnce upon a time, there was a business owner who couldn’t figure out why his email marketing campaigns were not performing like he thought they should. He thought he did everything right, from writing the email to sending it out through his fancy email provider.

Yes, to him, it was perfect, but unknown to the business owner, there was an underlying darkness that was the cause of his ill performing email campaigns. It stayed in the shadows, lurking and sabotaging the business owner’s efforts.

The name of this vile and disturbing entity was poor planning.


Don’t sound evil to you? Oh, but it is, my friend.

Without proper planning, anything can fall flat and fail. Especially someone who doesn’t know enough or thinks they know enough about the subject at hand.

For instance, if you fail to plan your content marketing efforts and instead, just write out everything and hope it works, well, that could cost you time, resources, funds and yes, possible clients.

Now doesn’t poor planning sound more EVIL than you thought?

So, how could the poor business owner not fail prey to the evil of poor planning? Simple, he should have created a solid email marketing plan and got some help putting it all together.

Mistakes and How to Over Come Them

You see, first, he just wrote emails talking about how great his product is and how the reader should buy it.

Now, if he had planned out the message, he would know not every reader would buy or even click on your emails right away. They take nurturing and a reason to trust you. Not to mention, you have to convince them your product will solve a problem they have.

I mean, think about it, if you have a product that doesn’t help me, why should I buy it? Today, buyers are more skeptical and very rarely buy with a bunch of hype and sales pressure.

Another reason the business owner failed was he kept sending the same message, over and over again. This makes the evil entity happy, indeed.

Instead, the business owner should have planned out a series of emails that connected with the reader and used different topics to put the reader at ease; not hard sell to them, over and over again.

Try special reports, tips and resources that specify on the problem and how your product will fix it. It’s selling, without selling.

When the business owner sent out his email, he didn’t really think about the subject line. Instead, he said sale and something cheesy, which he thought would motivate readers to open his email. This had the opposite impact and might have caused his email to go into their spam boxes.

Here is where he should have consulted with an experienced email copywriter and had them write his emails, with the right message for each. Sure, professional copywriters cost, but they make it all worth it.

The Moral of the Story

What did the business owner learn? He learned poor planning could cause your marketing efforts to fail and sometimes, cost more than what you thought it would. For him, it cost him valuable time, possible revenues and much more.

Now, this is just the tip of iceberg, as far as what you should do when planning out an email marketing campaign, but it’s where many business owners fail and then, wonder why no one buys their products. Instead, to avoid the dark, evil of poor planning, step back, and take time to plan and you will be well rewarded.

Do you lay awake at night dreading the evil called poor planning? Or, do you take the extra time to plan things out; avoiding the throw it and see if it sticks method?

How to Boost Your Email Marketing with Triggered Messages

Email MarketingThere’s more to email marketing than sending out blanket broadcasts and sales letters. What? No? Sure, have you ever tried triggered event emails?

In these messages, you use timing and clever copy to attract and convert someone based on some sort of criteria.

You could have received one from an online shopping site or even your favorite restaurant. Then, you might get a reward from a free meal or discount on your next item. It’s great for you, as the reader, but for the marketer, they benefit with higher conversions and possible repeat business and brand ambassadors.

Let me tell you about a few of the possible trigger events you can use to give your email marketing a serious boost.

Boost Your Email Marketing with Triggered Events

What they did and Other Behaviors

One day I was going through Amazon and happen to click on exercise equipment; more specifically: dip stands. Then, I click on books from Chris Powell about carb cycling and went through some martial arts equipment. Wouldn’t you say those are some different types of searches and interests?

Later, I get a triggered email from Amazon with recommendations on movies, starring really fit guys; more exercise equipment; books and videos on carb cycling and martial arts fitness routines. It also recommended other stories about martial arts and weight loss journeys. Based on those recommendations, I bought a few things.

You see how this can boost your email marketing results? I opened, clicked and bought. I even bought other things from emails sent from Amazon with similar recommendations.

Did You Forget Something?

Giving out recommendations isn’t the only you will see results – try to help those who are forgetful. Yes, for those ultra-busy people, there is an email marketing angle, too.

So, I am using Amazon again in this example. One day, I put a few things in my online cart, but didn’t click on buy and had to leave. Sure, I thought nothing of it, but to a savvy marketer, this is a prime opportunity. Send out an email telling me this:

“Did you forget something? We saw you were shopping; added a few things to your cart, but didn’t check out. We saved them for you here and you can buy them now, with just a click.“

Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to use email marketing triggers to get a sale?

Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Oh boy, missed anniversaries or birthdays are a pain. Buttttt sometimes I get an email from, say Amazon, telling me my birthday or anniversary is upcoming and as a special gift, I get a discount or some other special offer. Can I tell you how special that makes me feel that they’re thinking of me? Not really, but it’s a nice thought.

For those looking to boost their email marketing with triggered emails, this is a big one. After all, don’t just gather and give out discounts and offers on random days – give them a memorable experience. That way, they will remember you when they need to shop and take advantage of your offer to them. That gives you a sale and possibly, a brand ambassador.
Also, add some humor into your copy and spice things up. I got one the other day telling me I’m not over the hill and don’t look a day over 25!

THAT is gold!

Use Triggered Email for Increased Email Marketing ROI

If you’re looking for more brand ambassadors, higher conversions now and in the future, consider using inventive triggered emails, along with attractive landing pages, in your marketing mix.

I mean, look at the examples I gave here. Like I said, some of the emails made a repeat customer out of me. It’s all in the timing and what’s in your copy.

Do you use triggered events in your email marketing? How has it worked for your overall conversions and marketing ROI?

Are You Making These 3 Email Marketing Mistakes?

How many unsubscribes did you get from your email list today?

It’s normal to get some, but if you’re getting a mass exodus from your list, you might want to reconsider what you do with your email marketing.

To calm the tides of people leaving your list, let’s look at 3 mistakes you should avoid to keep more email subscribers.

1. Irrelevant content

Do your subscribers wait in anticipation for your emails? Or do your emails make your readers fall to sleep? Be sure your content is relevant to their needs and keeps them chomping at the bit for more. That means finding out what your audience wants and giving it to them.

For example, if your list is about providing tips on content marketing for improve lead generation, don’t go off and send out messages that has nothing to do with what you promised your list.

2. Email frequency

Here’s a mistake that many email marketers get wrong and costs them subscribers. Emailing too much or not enough even gets to me on the lists I subscribe to. If you send me too many emails, I can’t keep up. If you send one every few months, I forget who you are and unsubscribe.

Now, I’m not saying there’s a magical frequency that’s just right, but I believe it depends on your audience. It’s got to work for your readers. If everyday works for them with the content you deliver, so be it. Again, test the waters and see what works and avoid the dreaded flow of unsubscribes.

3. Lack of interesting content

Ok, so this mistake is simple – don’t bore your readers. If the content you put out isn’t interesting and doesn’t bring value to your list, you can expect some unsubscribes. Think about it, do you keep a TV show on that’s boring or turn it off? Exactly.

Instead, change up the angles of your content to your list. Don’t just send out the same types of stories or selling message. Learn to tell a story one day, answer questions the next and sell the next. See, now you’re changing things up, without boring your audience.

What other things could you add to this post that I left out? What’s your experience with unsubscribes and your email audience?

How to Create Emails Your Readers WANT to Read

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and bring in more sales opportunities. The problem is many companies don’t know what to write about or just shoot out blatant sales emails.

If you do that, you’ll see more unsubscribe rates and less success with your lead generation. Instead, let’s look at a few ideas for emails that your email readers WANT to read.

Three Ideas for Creating Emails Readers WANT to Read

Write About Your Day

Remember the show Seinfeld? Wasn’t it the show about nothing? Each episode revolved around the goings on of the main characters. What a brilliant idea!

That’s something you can use in your own email marketing. Use a conversational tone and have a conversation about your day or something that’s going on in your life. Tie it into the goal for that email and you have an email that subscribers want to read.

For instance, I just sent out an email to one of my lists about my recent experience buying a new van and how it related to my business. To see emails like that and more inspiration, sign-up to my list and get a free gift.

Remember to use a link to what you’re trying to get them to do, whether it’s buy something, read something on your site or request something. Tell them what to do and get them to convert.

Have a Swipe File

You go the store and you see a magazine headline that catches your eye – write it down. You find a blog post or white paper that you like – grab it. A swipe file is one of the main tools copywriters use for inspiration to create content that gets more prospects to convert.

From Evernote notes to a folder in your file cabinet, a swipe file can take many forms. No matter what form you use, start snagging ideas and use them in emails that will peak your subscribers interests and convert them into paying customers.

Answer Questions

Ohhh how I love this one! In fact, I wrote a post about using questions as inspiration for content marketing. I mean really, how many questions do you get a day?

Many of your email subscribers have questions and many times, they will ask you. Why not take them and answer them, but as an email to your list? Then, you answer the question, but you educate the rest of your list, become an invaluable resource and get lots of ideas for great content.

If Done Right, Email Marketing Works

You see, email is a powerful thing, but getting a reader to open and WANT to read your emails takes more than a fancy headline – it requires you to give readers something they crave…again and again.

Keep bringing it to them and you’ll have more qualified leads that turn into sales opportunities for your business.

To get ideas for emails that bring in more sales and a checklist for generating more leads with content, sign-up for my content tips and resources via email.