Organizing Content Marketing With An Editorial Calendar

Are you running around again wondering what content you’re going to create? Do you have sticky notes all over the place with ideas or thoughts for blog posts? Why not reduce your stress and look at a central document with all your content planned out?

What I’m talking about here is a content plan or editorial calendar.

Many newspapers, magazines and other digital content providers have this calendar in place to plan out content ahead of time. This reduces the time, stress and mistakes of coming up with content on the fly.

What goes into this document? Well, I like using a spreadsheet with a master editorial calendar for all content and then separate tabs for specific types of content. For this post, let me briefly go into what might go into a master and blogging editorial calendar with the following:

Master Editorial Calendar

  • Type of content – Not everyone needs this, but I like having my content planned by type. For instance, I have different tabs for blog content, article marketing, videos, podcasts, presentation sharing, press releases, guest posting and so on. If you have your content planned out, you won’t run around freaking out about what content is doing what.
  • Dates – This is always important for any type of content creation and marketing strategy. I like to have my content planned out in blocks of weeks, Sunday through Saturday, with each date, day of the week and any important happenings during those dates.
  • Inclusions – Do you have a product launch happening on a particular day or know of a big event coming down the line? Having a spot on your master editorial calendar for these types of occurrences helps you plan out content specifically for such occasions.

Blog Editorial Calendar

  • Purpose – Whenever I plan out blog posts, I need a purpose – what am I trying to accomplish with this post? Do I want to get more readers, add more subscribers to my newsletter, promote something or simply give out some valuable information? When I know what my purpose is, I have a better time writing out my post.
  • Dates – Again, with blogging, consistency is key and that means planning out the dates you will publish content. With the blogging editorial calendar, I like to also plan in blocks of weeks and have any important dates highlighted as well. If you’re going on vacation, you might want to add that to your calendar – that will impact your content marketing strategy.
  • Topic – Simple enough. What topic do you want to write on? Business, marketing, social media or something completely different? Check out these 12 resources for content marketing and writing for help.
  • Category – Now what category does this post into? Look at your site categories and see which one will work with it. Want to write on content marketing? A category with the same name would work nicely for that.
  • Targeted Keywords – From an SEO perspective, planning out your keywords is essential. Checking out the demand for your keyword and adding those numbers in a separate field works great. Check out the Google keyword tool as a starting point for your keyword research.
  • Headline – An effective headline includes your keywords along with your benefit statement to the reader. Choose carefully and don’t sacrifice readability for search engine rankings. If needed, write a separate title for your title tag opposed to your headline.
  • Publish Time – By looking at your analytics, you may see certain times of the day work better for publishing content. Adding this information here will keep this information in front of you and help while you plan out your content.

There you have it, a brief look at what goes into a master and blogging editorial calendar. With a small amount of effort, you will have all of your content planned out and ready without scrambling around wondering what you’re going to write about.

Is there anything you would like to add that you use in your editorial calendar? Do you need help with planning or creating your content? Contact me on how I can help you with my content creation services and subscribe to my newsletter for tips on building content for attracting and converting visitors.

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Here's more ways to learn and get an edge on your competition
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  1. George, this is so right on time. Thanks to @TXWriter’s retweet, my search is over.

    I knew there was such a thing as a calendar for publishing stuff, but I couldn’t recall the term. (Google just isn’t that good for doing what I mean and not what I say.)

    I was going to wing it with Excel, but now I have your guide.

    I am not a blogger, though I have a blog and several WordPress sites acting as “regular” sites. My editorial schedule revolves around my AWeber newsletters, and posts to various WordPress CMS sites. Since AWeber is a timed service, the editorial planner will serve two purposes:
    1. Fill up a new autoresponder series – I won’t have to write them all in one sitting
    2. Create a predictable broadcast schedule for my newsletters – right now, I’m doing a terrible job of sending out content.

    Of course, your system is flexible enough for me to do all the other things you mentioned – launches and events such as contests, giveaways and the like.



    • Hi there Mitch.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I am glad you found what you needed in my post. Having an editorial calendar is a lifesaver for any type of content and I am sure it will integrate perfectly into your newsletter content. No matter the content, I have found this format to work.

      Let me know how things go with it!




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