Email Copywriting and Marketing Services

Email marketing isn’t just firing off emails and hoping your recipient reads it; it’s about leveraging the power of this medium for long-term success.

To truly get a prospect to convert, you need to give them at least 7 “touches.” With email, you gain access to their inner sanctum: their inbox!

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. That means don’t just spam prospects; you need to have an email conversation with them.

Email Marketing Converts

Even though it’s an “old school” medium, it’s still one of the most effective ways to engage and convert prospects or even existing customers. You might then ask, “Why doesn’t my email campaign convert?” 

Just like any type of marketing, it’s important to build your campaign on a strong strategy and implement the right tactics.

Here are just a few things to convert more prospects with email marketing:

–       A way to get prospects on your list

–       Engaging and relevant email content that drives conversions

–       Consistent and engaging “touches” to your prospects

–       Keeping your email copy selling without making look like selling

–       Integrating your email marketing with your other online marketing campaigns

Increase Your Leads With Email Marketing

If you have an email campaign that’s falling flat, it could be time to enlist help from an experienced email copywriter. With the right mix of email strategies and targeted content, you will open up more opportunities for more leads and conversions.

My email copywriting and marketing services give you both of these essential elements. From newsletters to broadcasts and autoresponders, my email services bring in more leads for more sales revenue.

Including technology and other industries, my clients enlist me to open the lead generation gates with my email copywriting and marketing services. To see some of my samples, check out some samples.

Get Going With the Power of Email

Contact me today and let’s open up the lead generation gates to your email marketing campaigns with powerful email content and strategies.