SEO Copywriting Services

Do prospects find your website when they search for your services?

If the answer is no, then you have a BIG problem. You see, even with the rise of social media, the majority of buyers online still use a search engine to find what they want to buy or solve a problem.

What does this mean for you?

Simply, if your website isn’t coming up on page one of a prospect’s search results, it’s time to look at what SEO copywriting can do for your business.

SEO Copywriting? What’s That and Why Should I Care?

It’s simple: SEO copywriting is web copywriting with a focus on strategies that get web pages ranked higher in search engines. This doesn’t mean stuffing a metric ton of keywords into existing web copy and hoping it works. Trust me, you will only get negative results from going the easy route.

With SEO copywriting, you benefit by:

  • Having web copy that ranks on page one of search engine results
  • Getting more web traffic and eyes on your products and services
  • Increasing your brand awareness

Basically, a professional SEO copywriter gets your site ranking higher and driving more targeted traffic to your website. This translates into increased sales for your business.

SEO Copywriting Services

To get your site up on page one and drive an avalanche of traffic to your website, consider my SEO copywriting services for better business. Not only do they get you more, they cost less than you may think.

  • SEO Copywriting: (More web traffic from higher ranking websites)
  • SEO Blog Posts: (Keyword focused social content)
  • Keyphrase Editing: (Optimizing your existing web copy for search success)
  • Website Auditing: (Find out your site’s weak points and how to fix them)
  • Keyphrase Research: (I find out if a keyphrase is worth using in your copy)
  • Title Tags: (I ensure your title tag follows best practices)
  • Meta Descriptions: (Not for ranking, but ensuring readers click-through)
  • Local SEO: (Let your local prospects know you’re open for business)
  • And more…

Ready to get started? Contact me today and let’s get started on driving more traffic and awareness to your business.

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